While I’m very new to writing this blog, I’m doing it as a way to clear my head of the thoughts I’m having as a man.  You see, I’ve had some recent traumatic occurrences happen in my life that have caused me to seek out the help of a trained professional in the headspace.  Up until this point, I never really understood what a psychologist would do for me. Then I had the experience, within the first session I was taken away by the amount of mental misfiring lets say that was going on in respect to my early life and the relationship I had with my mother.

Throughout this journey, I’m seeking to confront these fears I’ve had, and rid myself of the emotional restraints that have been keeping me back from being the man I want to be and the man in which I would respect.

There is so much power to your mind that we as a human don’t even realize.  Something that we experienced when we were 10, could have stuck with us our entire lives and been impacting our behaviors. These factors can be addressed if you know enough to ask for help and do what is required to address, react and heal from it.  Personally I find writing out my thoughts the best way to clear them out of me.  I can’t find any other way to do it that give me the best sense of relief.   This is why you are reading this blog is because I’m clearing my mind.

I am absolutely excited about making known my internal issues from 20 years prior to a certain person in my life which may or may not go well.  Who knows, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take to heal myself.



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