Poem: Hand In Hand

Hand in hand, with only one hand,

It’s like a single footprint in the sand.

Time take time, with each tick there’s a tock,

Days pass with no warning, I’m a board with no chalk.

The waters that flowed away, are being diverted,

From 90 to 100, focus converted.

Finding the space that’s located between 1 and 2,

It’s the journey I’m taking, it’s the right thing to do.

1 is the loneliest number, truth as it seems,

Life with a 2, never escapes my dreams.

The ache that’s felt is unlike that which would ponder,

Stepping two by two is where the mind will wander.

It’s process is heavy, it’s healing it surreal,

Not a day goes by where I long to feel.

A man is not whole, if he can not feel pain,

There are things I long to promise, and do again.

While the storms of the heart, I did bring forth.

The forecast I can predict, the calm will be worth.

Ship through the ocean, the guidance of a crew,

This lonely hand longs to not be one, but to have back a two.



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